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Les Chapeaux Baboulin Custom Hatmakers

Hailing from Savoie, France, chapelier Pascal Baboulin has always been captivated by history and craftsmanship – particularly that of the American Old West. In 2000 he followed his dreams and interests and embarked on a journey throughout the Western United States, serendipitously settling in Arizona where he began his training in the longstanding art of hat crafting.  From the beginning, Pascal knew this was his forte – and eventually started his own business in 2004 in Virginia City, Nevada. Over the years, Pascal has created thousands of fine hats according to his exacting methods and signature style which combines traditional European hatmaking techniques with more modern American ones; each and every hat a work of art. 

Known the world over, from China to Australia and everywhere in between, Pascal aspires to share his craft with those who seek quality - every hat created is a work of art, tailored to the individual and comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity — this is his guarantee that every hat is crafted by him and by hand, using old world techniques — just for you.