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Hat Care

Hats can last a lifetime, or longer, with proper care and handling. We want to help you protect your investment.  

  • Avoid pinching the felt.
    A preferred method of handling is to use both hands, placed at the junction of brim and crown.
  • Short term storage
    Place the hat upside down to help retain brim shape. Placing the hat brim down may result in a misshapen brim.
  • Long term storage¬†
    Many find it preferable to have a hat rack or hat storage box.
  • Exposure to harsh environments (excessive heat or moisture, such as what can be found in closed vehicles or bathrooms) can alter the shape and/or fit.
  • Use a soft bristle brush with gentle strokes to remove dust.
  • Felt quality affects a hat's ability to withstand weather. Pure beaver felt will hold up better in precipitation than blends.
  • Do not leave your hat unattended in public places!